1hr £400

2hrs £550

3hrs £700


1hr £500

2hrs £650

Each Subsequent hr £150

3hrs £800

Dinner/Lunch meeting with 1hr private time £550

Overnight £1500

Weekend/weekdays (2 nights) £2000

Weekend (3 nights) £2500

Longer appt. POA

Escape with Zinnia

(Travelling with you)

All day/overnight getaway £1500

2 nights getaway £2000

Weekend 3 nights getaway £2500

Longer meeting – POA

Fly me to you

International meeting


(Rates excluding flight fares)

Overnight/All day £1500

Weeknights/Weekend (2 nights) £2000

Weekend (3 nights/days) £2500

Longer appt. / monthly or fortnightly arrangement – POA

The rest of the world

Please get in touch to discuss arrangements.

Ice Breaker

This meeting is free of charge. Extensive screening is mandatory to avoid timewasters.
(Fare charge may apply depending on the distance).

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